Thursday, December 1, 2016

Why Instagram Netiquette Matters!

My yoga pics got two likes from friends whom I know support me doing it over the pictures. According to my own personal rules I shall take better pics. Cool poses coming.

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Why Instagram netiquette matters depends. There are several reasons. This successful picture social media domain is setting new standards for interaction with images. I love it.

My weightlifting and cardio pic layout got 47 clicks of love almost immediately. Yoga pics require a little more work. Women are very demanding. I felt compelled to clean the soles of my shoes after I got my yoga pants. Now, I won't leave home without doing it.

Since two people like it, pilates practice and yoga prayer offer the most promising markets for me. My first two pictures received affirmation from accounts I trust. They are more valuable to me because of who they come from coupled with the small number of clicks.

It's complicated. Less is more, but not always. Trends matter. As long as it helps you without hurting anyone, most people will agree its beneficial.

Doing what works for ourselves individually is making our own way. We all have to do it since internet engagement is new for all. 

Practice netiquette. Share the love.

David Chiles

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