Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Facepalm Emoji iOS 10.2

A new facepalm emoji is available in the iOS 10.2 update released to the public in a beta version. This is an incremental release of new features that were previously available to developers who have paid access to beta releases. 

Facepalm Emoji iOS 10.2

Facepalm Emoji iOS 10.2

The facepalm emoji pictured above sends the message 'oops'. The apple version is higher quality and protected. However, you can still get the picture ; D It's all netiquette.


Wallpapers, widgets, and the camera have some tweeks as well. Anyone can sign up for Apple's Beta program. The new features have social value for convenience and quality. It will make your friends like you when the new emoji is included. 

The rapid releases can be irritating to consumers. It seems like we always need an update. The updates are always a lot better. We notice increased performance.

A new social duty is arising from software use that requires updating vigilantly for all professional applications. This presents a quagmire.

Is is acceptable to use beta apps professionally? Yes. Some people make a living from beta apps. 

Test the best and leave the rest.

David Chiles

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