Sunday, November 13, 2016

Browser Rules Make The World Great Again

Browser rules make the world great again. Donald Trump has already delivered on his promise to improve the world because the stock market is up. Netiquette is promoting it's alpha site rules from the official page. It was planned, but there is no way to know if it worked.

Browser Rules Make The World Great Again

Browser rules are one of the most important layers of online communication. If you do not see anything illegal, then you don't know about it. The first core rule, review, is the most important. Coupled with the following rules in the video we are a world society that began in Iran (Persia) with my family.

The attention drawn to Donald Trump's US presidential election win is a great opportunity for everyone to work together. We just have to be cool with each other. 

These rules are basic boundaries we can agree upon. From there we may be drawn to our interests. Then create more.

Please read Hillary Clinton Represents hope for Donna Brazil and United We Stand: Let's make the world great again. She wins if her constituents stand up for the issues she may have promoted. Donald Trump is a successful businessman. He was the best choice.

Let's make America greater than Donald Trump ever imagined.

More netiquette video blogs will be posted in a build up to campaigns starting in the new year.

David Chiles

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