Saturday, October 1, 2016

Blended Learning

Blended learning is all netiquette. Netiquette is much more. We all must start to learn how to use devices somewhere. This is how it starts because we receive instruction from others to learn new things at first.

Blended Learning is a process for the acquisition of knowledge assisted by devices.

The developed world practices netiquette. We use computers to teach. This requires blended learning or internet etiquette.

This type of education is developing. My website is getting better. The connections between the online community and local communities are getting stronger. It truly feels to me like there will be a smooth transition into a new era of peace, justice, and equality.

The NFL player protests of police brutality make me feel good because they support unity. Agreement, inclusion, and community are the outcome of networking. Human and computer.

Practice good netiquette. Find common ground. Agree to disagree. Consciously learn how to use the internet!

David Chiles

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