Monday, September 12, 2016

Newsletter Graymail Netiquette Rules

Newsletter Graymail Netiquette Rules comes from my own experience with inbox zero.The Netiquette Newsletter is a work in progress that proves their is merit to most of the online tips for them. Great content is the brand. Cutting edge formatting, design, and layout are developing. 

Graymail Email Marketing's New Albatross
Graymail is a periodic electronic message from a domain related to a subject or topic of interest. Subscription is required. Responses to the sending address are not accepted, but unsubscription and contact information is provided.

There are a range of rules that apply. Easy to use advice applies to some situations. It follows.

Newsletter Graymail Netiquette Rules

Newsletter Graymail Netiquette Rules

  • Do sign up for those that provide discounts.
  • Don't sign up unless you look forward to getting them.
  • Do sign up for those relevant to interests.
  • Don't sign up for daily messages.
  • Do unsubscribe when its no longer interesting.

My brand promise to readers is to provide an excerpt of this blog with a link. Two small excerpts with links to related information regarding technology. 

Instead of taking a typical news approach. The current development is is thematic. Each week there is a theme. Edutainment, education and entertainment, for informatization.

As a final note, it felt great to meet someone who knew exactly what must be done to scale up at a recent meetup. Which is sort of a joke because every website scales up for informatization by definition. 

Localization presents great opportunities for growth. Join in now. Hyperlocal is happening.

David Chiles

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