Friday, February 17, 2012

The Golden Rule of Netiquette

The Golden Rule of Netiquette is to do unto others online as you would have done to you online. This is the spiritual foundation of netiquette and recurring motif in the Catholic religion.

Please be advised that the Golden Rule of Netiquette  is the only a spiritual basis for how to interact with people online. It is not to be taken literally because it is always bad netiquette to flame even if it does not bother you when others flame you. The Golden Rule of Netiquette is a call to consciousness rather than a call to a particular action.

Technically, there are three separate definitions of netiquette. Each definition is separate and distinct, as well as adding dimensions that the others do not have.

Netiquette: 1. The social code of the internet. 2. The social and moral code of the internet based on the Golden Rule of Netiquette. 3. A non-violent philosophy of effective internet communication that utilizes common conventions and norms as a guide.

Given that there is a Golden Rule of Netiquette based on my family values and Catholic faith, Netiquette is a faith based philosophy. Faith based philosophy's believe that everyone is good. Many people believe that everyone is bad on the internet. Therefore, there is a gap between those who have faith, believe in God, and those who use the internet, whether it is real or perceived.

An example of bad netiquette that violates the Golden Rule of Netiquette would be to post and repost the same blog several times in the same language to undermine another. This is not the action of a good person or anyone who should be aloud to use the internet at all for any reason.

Personally, I welcome more scrutiny on the internet because it gives legitimate people a chance to make a big positive difference in people's lives with their thoughts and actions. No regulation allows people to ruin the lives and livelihood of others.

Keep the Golden Rule in mind when you are surfing the internet and follow the Ten Core Rules of Netiquette. Be nice and kind.

David Chiles
Principles of Netiquette

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