Monday, November 21, 2011

Proper Internet Etiquette, Netiquette

Proper Internet Etiquette, netiquette, is the following of social norms of good people. Don't do what bad people do. 
proper internet etiquette, netiquette

There are some things you need to do in order to practice proper netiquette. Internet Etiquette is a concept. These are conceptual things that can be done apart from following netiquette rules.

  • Be Nice
  • Apply the Golden Rule of Netiquette
  • Know The Official Definition
  • Use The Inverted Pyramid Writing Style
  • Follow the Ten Core Rules of Netiquette
Be Nice

Be nice to others on the internet is the first step in practicing proper netiquette because being nice to others contributes to a positive cyber sphere. Netiquette is nice because it is how good people act on the internet. Being nice is a trait of good people. 

Follow The Golden Rule of Netiquette

The Golden Rule of Netiquette is to do unto others as you would have done to you. This is a general guideline for proper internet etiquette because it sets up a natural boundary of what is acceptable to you for how to treat others on the internet. This is one component of the proper netiquette because there have to be specific rules that good people agree on to set the boundaries of proper behavior for everyone, not just yourself.

The Official Definition of Netiquette
Netiquette, network etiquette is the social code of the internet. A moral code based on the golden rule and communication conventions. A public policy document stating the intent of online interaction and general guidelines. 
Knowing the official definition of netiquette is important because everyone has a slightly different interpretation based on how they feel. The official definition is not based on feelings it's based on facts.

The Inverted Pyramid Style of Writing

The Inverted Pyramid Style of Writing is a style of writing that places the most important information in any first. Readers get the important information and do not need to read the entire writing to get the message. 

This is proper netiquette because many people do not read entire messages on the internet for various reasons. Sometimes people may not read an entire message because they don't have time or their computer screen (mobile phone) so small that it is too inconvenient to scroll through the whole message. Use the inverted pyramid style of writing for effective communication.

Follow the Ten Core Rules of Netiquette

There are ten Core Rules of Netiquette that should be followed in most circumstances. These rules are the top social conventions for effective communication on the internet. They were determined by keyword popularity and are taught school throughout the world. 

In conclusion, following proper netiquette means doing what good people do on the internet with the Golden Rule as your guide. The Ten Core Rules are the boundaries and everything you do has to be with good intentions because that is being nice.

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